Monday, May 30, 2005

Impending Liberation

Okay, school's out like, next Wednesday. Your healthy blog addiction can continue once again, and my insight will shine thorughout the universe. Be ready next Wednesday.

Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Destroy the Strib!

Hugh Hewitt is calling out for an anti-Star Tribune blog of twelve or so bloggers. Being a Minnesotan in Minneapolis - where the Star Tribune ravages the innocent minds of the young - I suffer daily from the leftist lies and deceit that the the "newspaper" proliferates; it's almost physically painful. For years we humble conservatives have tolerated the trite of Nick Coleman, Dane Smith, and Keving Duschere.

Or, said more accurately by Hewitt: "The worst major newspaper in terms of bias and chronic inaccuracy and axe-grinding is of course the Los Angeles Times. But among the second tier papers, the Minneapolis Star Tribune is as rotten a combination of no-talent tenured editorialists, biased reporters, and make-it-up-pollsters as anywhere in the United States."

And it's true.

Luckily we've had Northern Alliance bloggers like Fraters Libertas, Powerline, Captain's Quarters, SCSU Scholars and Shot in the Dark fighting back. But until them, we had nothing. Anyway, I strongly support the idea and will write some anti-Strib posts myself to contribute to the cause.

Quote [for] the Day

"The Court thus proclaims itself sole arbiter of our Nation's moral standards--and in the course of discharging that awesome responsibility purports to take guidance from the views of foreign courts and legislatures. Because I do not believe that the meaning of our Eighth Amendment, any more than the meaning of other provisions of our Constitution, should be determined by the subjective views of five Members of this Court and like-minded foreigners, I dissent."
- Justice Antonin Scalia, on the SCOTUS decision banning capital punishment for minors

Horrible Malfunction has failed me. For the past week there has been some kind of error, hence the absence. But I'm back, so, no need to worry anymore - you can sleep soundly again.

Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Draft Condi Movement Alive! In... New York?

"Local6 News, NY - The Siena College survey of more than 1,100 voters across the country shows 62 percent think the United states is ready for a woman in the White House in 2008.

Asked specifically about four potential candidates, 53 percent said New York's
Democratic Sen. Hillary Clinton should run for president in three years, while 42 percent said Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice -- a top Cabinet member in the Republican Bush administration -- should run.

Also, 33 percent said North Carolina's Republican Sen. Elizabeth Dole should seek the presidency, while 13 percent said that of California's Democratic Sen. Barbara Boxer.

The poll claims a margin of error of 2.9 percentage points."

Alright, so it would look like the liberal MSM in N' Yawk has put together a balanced scientific in which theHillareich was the dominant leader, correct? Well, after reading the article, I noticed that there was a poll on the top right side. It read, "Of the following, which woman would be most likely to get your vote for president of the United States?" The options were Secretary Rice, Senator Dole, the Hillareich, and a certain California feminazi whose "integrity was impugned" by Condi. The results were quite telling:

"U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice: 11,817 votes -- 56%
N.C Senator Elizabeth Dole: 2,358 -- 11%
N.Y. Senator Hillary Clinton: 6,179 -- 29%
Calif. Senator Barabara Boxer: 763 -- 4%"

Of course Condoleezza Rice is popular in liberal New York, she's popular everywhere. She can defeat everyone, especially Hillary, because of, not only her intelligence, articulation, credentials, and strong conservative views, but the fact that she cuts into the three major Democratic demographics: African-Americans, single women, and Hispanics. Being from Alabama, she will easily pull in the Southern vote regardless of misleading myths alluding to a "weakness" in her electability due to her race. All she needs to do is sign on some strong Southern Republican to lock the already Red states.

Not only is she an electoral dream, but when we factor in the intentionally misleading poll's loser-factor, we see better results yet. By taking away Senator Dole's minority 33% and giving it to Condi, we see that, within conservatives, 75% favor Dr. Rice as a female presidential candidate. Likewise, when disregarding Barbara Boxer's 13% and giving it to Hillary, she has a total of 66% of the Democratic Party backing her. When we factor the margin of error in Hillary's favor we see support for Condi at a solid 72.1%; for Hillary, 68.9%. Republican Party: sexist Old Boys' Club? Please.

This is a great vindication of our Draft Condi movement. Condoleezza Rice is more popular than Hillary Clinton in nationwide polls, sure, but by 27% in a poll of Hillary's own state? Beautiful. Get ready for a Madame Rice Presidency: inevitable, sweet, and less than 45 months away.

Sunday, February 20, 2005

Taiwan To Secede?

Newsmax reports: "After threatening Taiwan with its anti-secession law, Beijing appears determined to send the Taiwanese people to the polls. According to a new report by Asia Pulse, China is strongly encouraging Taiwan to decide through referendum whether to secede from the Mainland, the Asia Monitor reports."

This is great news - if it goes through, that is. We could see another victory for democracy over tyranny. And it is also significant in that China, being the growing threat it is, can come out on the bottom of this deal. If Washington sticks to a solid anticommunist campaign and publicly praises Taiwan's sovereignty as a victory against Stalinist China, we can preemptively confront the Chinese about their despotic regime. We may as well begin confrontation now, as China will eventually materialize into a very significant superpower, and we cannot afford another duel.

It is our duty as the world's unchallenged superpower to remain superior to all nations, especially China. The principles of our founding are infinitely more just and more true than all of those nations that conflict with them, and China is virtually a polar opposite of all that we stand for. What we need to do in order to maintain benevolent global hegemony is throw the first punch, be it through tough diplomacy and direct confrontation or military action. We must pray thatthe matter does not wind down to the latter. One thing's for sure, Taiwan gaining independence is a major step for liberty in China - strategically, of course.

Newsmax continues to report: "Mainland Affairs Council Chairman Joseph Wu clearly stated that Taiwan would have no choice but to decide if it would prefer to perpetuate the "one country, two systems," or to revert to the "one China" policy espoused by the People's Republic of China. Taiwanese pro-independence activists are calling the anti-secession law a ploy to frighten Taiwan into giving up moves toward independence.

China's military modernization has begun to alter the balance of power across the Taiwan Strait and poses a growing threat to the United States, according to the U.S. government's top spy.

As part of the intelligence community's annual series of briefings to Congress on worldwide threats to the United States, CIA Director Porter Goss told the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence that over the past year, China continued to build up its deployments of ballistic missiles opposite Taiwan and unveiled several new submarines for its naval forces.

"China continues to develop more robust, survivable nuclear-armed missiles as well as conventional capabilities for use in a regional conflict," Goss also disclosed.

Goss' assessments were amplified by Adm. Lowell Jacoby, director of the Pentagon's dedicated intelligence arm, the Defense Intelligence Agency. In separate Senate testimony, Jacoby told lawmakers that Chinese strategists are continuing to study U.S. strategy in the War on Terror.

"China remains keenly interested in Coalition military operations in Afghanistan and Iraq," Jacoby said, "and is using lessons from those operations to guide PLA modernization and strategy."

Okay, so that's not-so-great news.

To ignore all of the tell-tale signs would be naive; to dismiss my anti-Chinese ramblings as partisan paranoia or neoconservative belligerence would be foolish. The United States of America cannot afford to take a chance with the Red Chinese government. In order to maintain the safety of Americans and to protect those truths we hold most sacred and the integrity of our great nation, we must take action.

We may be able to get the job done peacefully, and I hope that we can. A war with China would be very costly and would end the lives of many in our Armed Forces. This is not the first time that Washington officials or I have expressed concern about this issue. We need to act with urgency and we need to treat this impending threat as a primary concern, or at least to an extent greater than we have recently and throughout the 90s. My advice to the Bush Administration: Lock and load.

Random Thought

We can thank my friend for this one:

"Freedom in Iraq is one of the things you can thank Rice's foreign policy influence for. As the strong neoconservative she seems to be, there's one thing I know that she would do: Energize the Republican party. She is a great debator, enough of one to pull away demons from Satan's grasp. She's not just another minion, either."

Sure, it's kind of choppy, but the underlying message is what counts... heh heh heh.

And So The Thievery Persists

Many of you may still be unaware of the thievery, the disgusting, unforgiveable thievery, of my blog name by FIRE. I had "The Torch" as my blog name for an entire week before they did.

"But, Charlie, FIRE is a wonderful and respectable organization that does many great things for conservative students on campus who face double standards and censorship!"

Hogwash, I say. Sure, they may do great things for conservative students, I'll concede that, but that does not excuse them from the most heinous of crimes: blog name theft. The uncreative, dishonest, blog-name-stealing FIRE and their "Torch" were just too lazy to even check google to see if my blog's name didn't even exist yet? Fools, I call them. They haven't responded yet, but hey, that's not my fault. They are simply digging themselves into a hole - a hole of lies!

I would usually let something like this go, but if I let this injustice continue, what's next? Will they start blending puppies? Will they start murdering hobos? Will they start worshipping Satan? Will they steal candy from children and give alcohol to schoolkids? Absolutely they will. And, quite frankly, we just can't let that happen. We have to fight them now before their evil gets out of hand. Greg Lukianoff, Harvey Silvergate, Minnie Quach, David French, give me my blog name back, you communists! ::shakes fist::

Condi To Replace Cheney?

We can only hope. Here's an interesting article that came to my attention just a little while ago:

"WorldNetDaily - Vice President Dick Cheney likely will step down next year due to health reasons and be replaced by Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, according to a report by geopolitical expert Jack Wheeler."

Some may say that all of this speculative punditry is premature, but I laugh at them. Condoleezza Rice could very well be the first female and Afircan-American in the White House (Well, you know what I mean), and it could simply be because of us. If we start a "draft Condi" movement we could have her running for the presidency within two years time. And with Dick Cheney's health issues - God Bless him - constantly taunting his reliability through the War on Terror, we can only assume that he will step down soon enough.

It is no secret that Vice President Cheney is one of the best politicians of this century, if not the best VP in American history, and he has nothing to prove. Secretary Rice could become VP next year and it would be virtually impossible for the DNC to stop her; Hillary would already have been all but destroyed, to say the least.

Now, is this "draft Condi" movement that Dick Morris outlined realistic, or just an idealist's dream? Well, from what I can see, it is already rolling. Here are just a couple of blogs that are starting a pro-Condi movement - Blogs for Condi, Americans For Rice, Condi for Prez, Condi for President, Citizens for Condi, CPAC reports, another blog, and another site - and the idea of a Madame President Rice is already immensely popular in conservative circles.

And look at this Condi merchandise: T-shirt, Condi buttons, bumper stickers, bobbleheads, etc.

The Draft Condi Movement is already alive, and she may be President yet. Condi 2008!

Quote of the Day

"Reaching into one's own pocket to assist his fellow man is noble and worthy of praise. Reaching into another person's pocket to assist one's fellow man is despicable and worthy of condemnation."
-- Walter Williams

Saturday, February 19, 2005

Moore Misleads, Make Millions, What a Commie

"Sept. 11th was a terrible disaster for America - and it hit America hard financially.
But one person who has benefited financially is filmmaker Michael Moore, who parlayed the disaster into
a whopping $50 million for himself."

Ah, the "likeable working man", the "man of the people", Michael Moore, everyone's favorite moonbat socialist, has raked in 50 million dollars. That's awfully bourgeois of him. What's funny about this is not that this deliberately misleading liberal celebrity who touts his mockumentary's success has more money to roll around in, but that he has consistently told the world that he "hasn't seen a dime" of profit from Fahrenheit 9/11. Lies. I know - I know - what did I expect, right? Well, I expected this much - yes - but that's not the point. The point is that we have finally caught the globular mass in his blatant lies. It shouldn't make much of a difference either way, but it is always nice to expose a portion of the truth to the public.

What else has Monsieur Moore said, though? Well, besides claiming the opposite of what we now know is true (his huge loads of cash), he has claimed that he has never made much money anyway. This is the same man who lives in a $4 million penthouse in New York. I mean, after that and all of the lies packed in both Farenheit 9/11 and Bowling for Columbine we can conclude thus: Michael Moore is a dishonest man who is not to be trusted.

Let's see what others have said about him - working colleagues, past bosses, and the like:

A former manager, Douglas Urbanski, tells VF that Moore was the "only client I ever fired."

Urbanski says the liberal Moore was obsessively focused on money. "He never had enough money," Urbanski recalled.

Urbanski described Moore as "exasperatingly rude."

"We walked out of restaurants because Michael found the service too slow," he remembered.

Lies, arrogance. A man of the people? I bet he laughs all the way to the bank.

Bush Sticks It To Whiners

"WASHINGTON - As President Bush signed legislation Friday aimed at discouraging multimillion-dollar class-action lawsuits, he made clear he had his sights set on much broader restraints."

This shouldn't come as a surprise to any of you, especially since it happened yesterday, haha. Anyway, this is a great victory for doctors and patients alike. Now doctors can perform to the best of their ability without extreme, exaggerated caution; now patients will not have their net cost of healthcare driven to the price of a new Ferrari.

This is a great step in the right direction, literally. President Bush's spending of his political capital is already seeing overwhelmingly positive effects, and I think all of your wallets will reflect that. Ambulance chasers can take a hike; doctors can do their jobs; whiny liberals can't take advantage of the judicial system; insurance companies won't drive up their prices; and everyone will benefit in the end except for those who we don't want to benefit. I wonder what John Edwards thinks of this?

Friday, February 18, 2005

IMAO On the Decline... Sadly

If any of you are readers of IMAO ,then you are undoubtedly familiar with Frank J., arguably the funniest blogger in all of the blogosphere. Unfortunately, he has now changed IMAO from pure Frank J. to a group blog. Most are deeply saddened.

It's not that the other bloggers aren't funny - no, they are very funny - but they are just not for IMAO. Frank J. is a comedic genius and his blog posts force me to close my door so that people don't think I'm insane from laughter. Now he has diluted his humor by changing the fundamental make-up of all that is IMAO.

It's just wrong, really. It's like a victory for Glenn Reynolds - a lying, puppy-blending, Satan-worshipping hobo-murderer - and for monkeys and ninjas. If you have a heart, I call on you to beg Frank J. to make the group blog stop dead. NO MORE GROUP IMAO!

China Needs to Be Put in Her Place

Pacific Rim Bureau ( - Describing U.S. policy on China and Taiwan as "intellectually dishonest and antiquated," a Republican lawmaker has introduced a bill in the House of Representatives calling on the administration to restore diplomatic ties with Taiwan.

Rep. Tom Tancredo of Colorado said there was no good reason why the U.S. could not have the same type of relationship with Taiwan's democratically elected government as it has with "the autocratic regime in Beijing."

America's need to have strong diplomatic ties with Taiwan is long overdue. Not only would it be strategic economically, but in spite of China's vast human rights violations and their steadily improving status in both the global market and "community", it only makes sense that we recognize a fact they deny, the Communists.

Taiwan is a perfect example of what happens when oppressed people are given freedom. This is a nation that has, over the course of a few decades, become an economic powerhouse and a fully functional and civilized democratic society. In 2000, the Republic of China (not the "People's Republic", mind you) even broke a fifty year tradition of Nationalist rule through free elections - something uncommon in the Southeast Asia. It would be a symbolic gesture as well as good political sense to treat the free nation of Taiwan with as much if not more respect than the despotic regime of China. Increased relations with Taipei would pressure the Chinese to reform, in a sense, or at least it would unnerve Beijing enough to provoke a legitimate reaction. Not only are our relations with Taiwan not as good as they should be, but anything that can belittle China and reinforce our status as the world's unchallenged superpower is a general positive.

The truth is that the "One China" policy that has worked so well for past presidents has done anything but that: work. It has long been past time for us to abandon this childish denial of Taiwan's status as a sovereign nation capable of functional governance. They have performed much better than Red China has proportionally and it is time for the US to take a stand and remember the Reagan Doctrine on anticommunism and the triumphs thereof. Communism should be challenged whenever possible, and when we start denying a victory for freedom over the tyrannical practices of Stalinist China we should review our priorities, both politically and morally.

A Night On the Town: Au Naturel

NEW YORK (Reuters) - The diners arrived at a nice Manhattan restaurant on a cold February night and stripped off coats, hats, gloves and scarves. They didn't stop there.

Skirts, shirts, pants, underwear and stockings all ended up stashed in plastic bags by the bar as the patrons got naked for the monthly "Clothing Optional Dinner."

"It's exciting to be in a restaurant nude," said George Keyes, 65, a retired junior high school English teacher.

Nude yes, but not unadorned.

Keyes, a lifelong nudist, wore a necklace, earrings and a black leather "genital bracelet" with red studs. And white sneakers.

The dinner was started by a group of New York nudists who wanted something a bit more elegant than the wilderness getaways and beach resorts they generally frequent.

Unfortunately, this is something you see on a slow news day. This is definitely not something that should be condoned; instead, it is deemed an "alternative lifestyle". I respect a private restaurants right to sponsor the event, but nudists should stay behind fences in the woods. Maybe the liberals are celebrating the new head of the DNC? This sort of hedonism should be shunned more often, but often the sheer ridiculousness of these occurences are seen through blind eyes.

Thursday, February 17, 2005

Justice is Blind

As sorry as society would like me to feel for the terrorist detained at Abu Ghraib who died from a "Palestinian hanging", I am yet to shed a single tear. It is not compassionate to weep for evil men who wish to murder innocent women and children and would willingly lay down their own lives to do so. I see no virtue in condemning soldiers who, although they did get very carried away and were a tad out of line, were tough in interrogation on a man possibly withholding information valuable to the mission and the lives of the brave men who sacrifice themselves for its execution.

But that's not the crux of the matter. The importance of this controversy lies within a more widespread phenomenon: Nobody understands the concept of war. Of course, when the lives of many Americans and civilians abroad are at stake, we only hear the public outcry against "human rights violations" and the like; however, inasmuch as we are currently waging war against a ruthless enemy, we as a people must accept the fact that we can not afford to maintain all of their dignity. It is a cold and simple fact that in war one must abandon certain compassionate sentiments in order to complete the mission, which remains primary throughout the endeavor.

But instead of a mutual understanding of the implications of warfare and the necessary acts thereof, we get liberalsense; we get this:

"...while in a position condemned by human rights groups as torture..."

And that was a notable factoid? It was even in the opening paragraph. The problem with this widespread epidemic of utopian pacifism is its complete denial of reality. For instance, Bill O'Reilly seems to be awfully fond of Gitmo, so he constantly asks the toughest of questions to DNC officials and non-profit human rights organizations representatives, such as: "If you knew that something like September 11th could happen and you were in charge of interrogating a terrorist who could possibly know information about the potential attack, wouldn't you rough him up a little bit?" or, "If a loved one of yours could die from a terrorist, wouldn't you push him around so that maybe he would tell you something remotely important enough to aid in saving your loved one?" The questions turn on the spin from those opposed to the correct answer, of course, and so the point remains: Is it wrong to maim or possibly kill someone who may contain information regarding the lives of many more innocents?

No, it is not. If "roughing up" evil men in order to save civilians is morally wrong, then I would have to ask those who would agree with such an assertion if knowingly allowing one evil man to live while allowing the deaths of many more civilians is a righteous deed. I would have to ask them to look me in the eyes and say that letting the many good die for the wicked few is virtuous. But are suh simple thoughts even pursued? Of course not, instead we already have the speculation of the President's involvement, and we have more of this, too:

"After we found out he was dead, they were nervous," Spc. Dennis E. Stevanus said of the CIA interrogator and translator. "They didn't know what the hell to do."

Of course they're afraid of the MSM and the public outcry -- they don't understand. I strongly urge all of those who fail to see the wisdom in allowing alternative methods of retrieving information to change their minds for the sake of the greater good. It's not that I support torture, I don't, but I will not condemn the men and the acts they committed in serving me and protecting my freedom for the sake of pseudo-morality and the "global community". It's just not right.

Crazy Canadians

"Singer Alanis Morissette wore a 'nude suit' on stage at Canada's equivalent of the Grammys to complain about censorship in the US."

Oh, they got us all right. While we stand up for Judeo-Christian philosophy and respect the innocence of young children, they champion bad parenting up North. Of course, Alanis Morrissette wasn't actually nude, was she? No, she was just in a suit - a symbolic gesture aimed at ridiculing American moral tradition. But was she even fully nude? Ironically, her political jibes were rendered meaningless inasmuch as she contradicted them herself. Of course she couldn't go on national TV nude, that would be - GASP - against Canadian censorship regulations and bad for children. But since when does anybody expect anything valuable from Canada, such as commonsense, eh?

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