Sunday, February 20, 2005

And So The Thievery Persists

Many of you may still be unaware of the thievery, the disgusting, unforgiveable thievery, of my blog name by FIRE. I had "The Torch" as my blog name for an entire week before they did.

"But, Charlie, FIRE is a wonderful and respectable organization that does many great things for conservative students on campus who face double standards and censorship!"

Hogwash, I say. Sure, they may do great things for conservative students, I'll concede that, but that does not excuse them from the most heinous of crimes: blog name theft. The uncreative, dishonest, blog-name-stealing FIRE and their "Torch" were just too lazy to even check google to see if my blog's name didn't even exist yet? Fools, I call them. They haven't responded yet, but hey, that's not my fault. They are simply digging themselves into a hole - a hole of lies!

I would usually let something like this go, but if I let this injustice continue, what's next? Will they start blending puppies? Will they start murdering hobos? Will they start worshipping Satan? Will they steal candy from children and give alcohol to schoolkids? Absolutely they will. And, quite frankly, we just can't let that happen. We have to fight them now before their evil gets out of hand. Greg Lukianoff, Harvey Silvergate, Minnie Quach, David French, give me my blog name back, you communists! ::shakes fist::

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