Sunday, February 20, 2005

Condi To Replace Cheney?

We can only hope. Here's an interesting article that came to my attention just a little while ago:

"WorldNetDaily - Vice President Dick Cheney likely will step down next year due to health reasons and be replaced by Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, according to a report by geopolitical expert Jack Wheeler."

Some may say that all of this speculative punditry is premature, but I laugh at them. Condoleezza Rice could very well be the first female and Afircan-American in the White House (Well, you know what I mean), and it could simply be because of us. If we start a "draft Condi" movement we could have her running for the presidency within two years time. And with Dick Cheney's health issues - God Bless him - constantly taunting his reliability through the War on Terror, we can only assume that he will step down soon enough.

It is no secret that Vice President Cheney is one of the best politicians of this century, if not the best VP in American history, and he has nothing to prove. Secretary Rice could become VP next year and it would be virtually impossible for the DNC to stop her; Hillary would already have been all but destroyed, to say the least.

Now, is this "draft Condi" movement that Dick Morris outlined realistic, or just an idealist's dream? Well, from what I can see, it is already rolling. Here are just a couple of blogs that are starting a pro-Condi movement - Blogs for Condi, Americans For Rice, Condi for Prez, Condi for President, Citizens for Condi, CPAC reports, another blog, and another site - and the idea of a Madame President Rice is already immensely popular in conservative circles.

And look at this Condi merchandise: T-shirt, Condi buttons, bumper stickers, bobbleheads, etc.

The Draft Condi Movement is already alive, and she may be President yet. Condi 2008!

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