Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Draft Condi Movement Alive! In... New York?

"Local6 News, NY - The Siena College survey of more than 1,100 voters across the country shows 62 percent think the United states is ready for a woman in the White House in 2008.

Asked specifically about four potential candidates, 53 percent said New York's
Democratic Sen. Hillary Clinton should run for president in three years, while 42 percent said Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice -- a top Cabinet member in the Republican Bush administration -- should run.

Also, 33 percent said North Carolina's Republican Sen. Elizabeth Dole should seek the presidency, while 13 percent said that of California's Democratic Sen. Barbara Boxer.

The poll claims a margin of error of 2.9 percentage points."

Alright, so it would look like the liberal MSM in N' Yawk has put together a balanced scientific in which theHillareich was the dominant leader, correct? Well, after reading the article, I noticed that there was a poll on the top right side. It read, "Of the following, which woman would be most likely to get your vote for president of the United States?" The options were Secretary Rice, Senator Dole, the Hillareich, and a certain California feminazi whose "integrity was impugned" by Condi. The results were quite telling:

"U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice: 11,817 votes -- 56%
N.C Senator Elizabeth Dole: 2,358 -- 11%
N.Y. Senator Hillary Clinton: 6,179 -- 29%
Calif. Senator Barabara Boxer: 763 -- 4%"

Of course Condoleezza Rice is popular in liberal New York, she's popular everywhere. She can defeat everyone, especially Hillary, because of, not only her intelligence, articulation, credentials, and strong conservative views, but the fact that she cuts into the three major Democratic demographics: African-Americans, single women, and Hispanics. Being from Alabama, she will easily pull in the Southern vote regardless of misleading myths alluding to a "weakness" in her electability due to her race. All she needs to do is sign on some strong Southern Republican to lock the already Red states.

Not only is she an electoral dream, but when we factor in the intentionally misleading poll's loser-factor, we see better results yet. By taking away Senator Dole's minority 33% and giving it to Condi, we see that, within conservatives, 75% favor Dr. Rice as a female presidential candidate. Likewise, when disregarding Barbara Boxer's 13% and giving it to Hillary, she has a total of 66% of the Democratic Party backing her. When we factor the margin of error in Hillary's favor we see support for Condi at a solid 72.1%; for Hillary, 68.9%. Republican Party: sexist Old Boys' Club? Please.

This is a great vindication of our Draft Condi movement. Condoleezza Rice is more popular than Hillary Clinton in nationwide polls, sure, but by 27% in a poll of Hillary's own state? Beautiful. Get ready for a Madame Rice Presidency: inevitable, sweet, and less than 45 months away.

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