Monday, February 07, 2005

Hollywood NeoCons Rock!

As most of the very few of you should know well, I am a neoconservative. I was linked to this awesome song written in honor of how much Adam Sandler owns for being conservative. Here it is:

The Neo-Conukkah Song
Put on your yamulka
Admit you're a Neo-Conica
So much Funica
To be a Neo-Conica

When you feel your people vote like Socialists,
here's a list of people who think like Wolfowitz.

Gene Simmons from Kiss
supports the war on terrorists
between breathing fire and bloody spits.

Guess who thinks we should be a foreign policy player?
Only William Kristol and Buffy the Vampire Slayer!

So many Neo-Cons are in da Hollywood.
Adam Sandler too.
But is that really good?

Pat Buchannan, not a Neo-con and that is fine.
But guess who is?
The slow talkin' brainiac Ben Stein!

So go tell your Mom-ica
We like Supply Side economic-a
And we love America
So stick your Commie propagand-ica
Enjoy being a Neo-Conica!

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