Friday, February 18, 2005

IMAO On the Decline... Sadly

If any of you are readers of IMAO ,then you are undoubtedly familiar with Frank J., arguably the funniest blogger in all of the blogosphere. Unfortunately, he has now changed IMAO from pure Frank J. to a group blog. Most are deeply saddened.

It's not that the other bloggers aren't funny - no, they are very funny - but they are just not for IMAO. Frank J. is a comedic genius and his blog posts force me to close my door so that people don't think I'm insane from laughter. Now he has diluted his humor by changing the fundamental make-up of all that is IMAO.

It's just wrong, really. It's like a victory for Glenn Reynolds - a lying, puppy-blending, Satan-worshipping hobo-murderer - and for monkeys and ninjas. If you have a heart, I call on you to beg Frank J. to make the group blog stop dead. NO MORE GROUP IMAO!

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