Thursday, February 03, 2005

Rice Takes Stand on Iran

'"The Iranian people should have a chance to determine their own future," Rice told reporters en route to London on her first international trip as secretary of state.'

Yes, it is finally here. After the successful liberation of Iraq and the elections thereafter, it is time to move forward in the War on Terror. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice has already started throwing the diplomatic punches on just her first trip - causing some ripples in Europe, I'm sure. In light of the President's recent rhetoric, though, it only makes sense, right?

They are clearly making a case. For instance, when Bush said during his SOTU Address,"And to the Iranian people, I say tonight, as you stand for your own liberty, America stands with you," it was clearly the foundation of a major political decision. Now the tough talk continues, and this time from the hawk we have in Rice.

This is good news to say the least. Rice, an expert of foreign policy, is already getting things done; something we didn't have in Colin Powell. Hopefully her aggressive brand of diplomacy can lead to the liberation of a people. Nothing like a good ol' neoconservative coup d'etat of a terrorist Mullahtocracy with nuclear capabilities. Regardless of what happens, although it seems fairly predictable herein, I am proud that we have a real Secretary of State.

Seriously: "The unspoken message of the trip is the desire the turn a new page in the trans-Atlantic relationship, after years of tension and animosity following the U.S. invasion of Iraq in March 2003.

Rice will be making stops in London, Berlin, Warsaw, Ankara, Rome, Brussels and Luxembourg. She will also travel to Israel and the Palestinian territories in the hopes of re-invigorating the derailed peace process.

During her visit, the secretary expects to meet both Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon and Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas.

Those meetings will come on the eve of a summit between the Israeli and Palestinian leaders hosted by Egypt, the highest level meeting between the two sides since the start of the Palestinian intifada in the fall of 2000."

Save Iran. Protect America. Rice '08.

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