Sunday, February 20, 2005

Taiwan To Secede?

Newsmax reports: "After threatening Taiwan with its anti-secession law, Beijing appears determined to send the Taiwanese people to the polls. According to a new report by Asia Pulse, China is strongly encouraging Taiwan to decide through referendum whether to secede from the Mainland, the Asia Monitor reports."

This is great news - if it goes through, that is. We could see another victory for democracy over tyranny. And it is also significant in that China, being the growing threat it is, can come out on the bottom of this deal. If Washington sticks to a solid anticommunist campaign and publicly praises Taiwan's sovereignty as a victory against Stalinist China, we can preemptively confront the Chinese about their despotic regime. We may as well begin confrontation now, as China will eventually materialize into a very significant superpower, and we cannot afford another duel.

It is our duty as the world's unchallenged superpower to remain superior to all nations, especially China. The principles of our founding are infinitely more just and more true than all of those nations that conflict with them, and China is virtually a polar opposite of all that we stand for. What we need to do in order to maintain benevolent global hegemony is throw the first punch, be it through tough diplomacy and direct confrontation or military action. We must pray thatthe matter does not wind down to the latter. One thing's for sure, Taiwan gaining independence is a major step for liberty in China - strategically, of course.

Newsmax continues to report: "Mainland Affairs Council Chairman Joseph Wu clearly stated that Taiwan would have no choice but to decide if it would prefer to perpetuate the "one country, two systems," or to revert to the "one China" policy espoused by the People's Republic of China. Taiwanese pro-independence activists are calling the anti-secession law a ploy to frighten Taiwan into giving up moves toward independence.

China's military modernization has begun to alter the balance of power across the Taiwan Strait and poses a growing threat to the United States, according to the U.S. government's top spy.

As part of the intelligence community's annual series of briefings to Congress on worldwide threats to the United States, CIA Director Porter Goss told the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence that over the past year, China continued to build up its deployments of ballistic missiles opposite Taiwan and unveiled several new submarines for its naval forces.

"China continues to develop more robust, survivable nuclear-armed missiles as well as conventional capabilities for use in a regional conflict," Goss also disclosed.

Goss' assessments were amplified by Adm. Lowell Jacoby, director of the Pentagon's dedicated intelligence arm, the Defense Intelligence Agency. In separate Senate testimony, Jacoby told lawmakers that Chinese strategists are continuing to study U.S. strategy in the War on Terror.

"China remains keenly interested in Coalition military operations in Afghanistan and Iraq," Jacoby said, "and is using lessons from those operations to guide PLA modernization and strategy."

Okay, so that's not-so-great news.

To ignore all of the tell-tale signs would be naive; to dismiss my anti-Chinese ramblings as partisan paranoia or neoconservative belligerence would be foolish. The United States of America cannot afford to take a chance with the Red Chinese government. In order to maintain the safety of Americans and to protect those truths we hold most sacred and the integrity of our great nation, we must take action.

We may be able to get the job done peacefully, and I hope that we can. A war with China would be very costly and would end the lives of many in our Armed Forces. This is not the first time that Washington officials or I have expressed concern about this issue. We need to act with urgency and we need to treat this impending threat as a primary concern, or at least to an extent greater than we have recently and throughout the 90s. My advice to the Bush Administration: Lock and load.

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