Saturday, February 12, 2005

When Commonsense Is Abandoned

"BUENA VISTA, Pa. (AP) - A school bus driver encouraged students to jump around, throw things and misbehave on her moving bus so she could make an audition videotape for the reality television show "Survivor," police said. "

Sadly, I can believe that a person would do such a thing. The problem is, what's going on? When did people abandon commonsense and decency? Some people just don't understand how to behave or their responsibilities as adults in the presence of children; it's ridiculous.

What I don't understand is that people misbehave and perform the most blatantly stupid of deeds consistently and, instead of socity recognizing it as "bad behavior", it is deemed a "separate lifestyle". For instance, the liberal actors and actresses in Hollywood. Maybe some people never mature as one would in a normal developmental setting, but for some groups, the idiosyncrasy is revolting. We see it yet again in the anti-establishment crowd. With their proponence of nudism, sexual immorality, witchcraft, public fornication, bad language, and other improper don't-judge-me, pull-the-whool-rags-from-your-eyes forms of liberal behavior, it is clear that they damage today's youth.

Seriously, this woman is making a Survivor tape while she is driving a busload of children that aren't hers on the job? It is her personal responsibility to realize that their lives are in her hands and that her attempts to get on a reality TV show are for her spare time. It may seem as if I am overreacting, but eventually the idiocy of some people accumulates. Apparently, some people have never learned how to think and fail to do so often. Personal responsibility reigns true, as proven by this news article, and the liberal indoctrination of the past 40 years has tainted America's proud tradition of commonsense. We need to make strong-willed children, and the only way to achieve that is for strong-willed parents to actively do their job. With the vast array of enemies to parenting - postmodernism, relativism, social attitudes towards teenagers, and especially illiberalism - it may seem difficult, but it is precisely these difficulties we must overcome if we want to endure.

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