Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Destroy the Strib!

Hugh Hewitt is calling out for an anti-Star Tribune blog of twelve or so bloggers. Being a Minnesotan in Minneapolis - where the Star Tribune ravages the innocent minds of the young - I suffer daily from the leftist lies and deceit that the the "newspaper" proliferates; it's almost physically painful. For years we humble conservatives have tolerated the trite of Nick Coleman, Dane Smith, and Keving Duschere.

Or, said more accurately by Hewitt: "The worst major newspaper in terms of bias and chronic inaccuracy and axe-grinding is of course the Los Angeles Times. But among the second tier papers, the Minneapolis Star Tribune is as rotten a combination of no-talent tenured editorialists, biased reporters, and make-it-up-pollsters as anywhere in the United States."

And it's true.

Luckily we've had Northern Alliance bloggers like Fraters Libertas, Powerline, Captain's Quarters, SCSU Scholars and Shot in the Dark fighting back. But until them, we had nothing. Anyway, I strongly support the idea and will write some anti-Strib posts myself to contribute to the cause.

Quote [for] the Day

"The Court thus proclaims itself sole arbiter of our Nation's moral standards--and in the course of discharging that awesome responsibility purports to take guidance from the views of foreign courts and legislatures. Because I do not believe that the meaning of our Eighth Amendment, any more than the meaning of other provisions of our Constitution, should be determined by the subjective views of five Members of this Court and like-minded foreigners, I dissent."
- Justice Antonin Scalia, on the SCOTUS decision banning capital punishment for minors

Horrible Malfunction has failed me. For the past week there has been some kind of error, hence the absence. But I'm back, so, no need to worry anymore - you can sleep soundly again.

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